It all started in 2003

With Tanzania Private Select Safaris

Then in 2015 we started Savanna Bush Camps, having 14 acres of land it was time to expand our products as we had the space to do so and so it did happen
our latest project is Group 2 Join Safaris[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

A comment from a very good friend

When I came on Safari with you 12 year ago!!!

Aafeez you just has one brand name that was Tanzania Private Select Safaris 12 years have passed and you have more than 13 brand names, keep them coming!! Each brand name has a meaning, How do you do it?

The Office is the same size the management is the same, I like the way you run the show each brand has a journal and you run it smoothly!  Keep it going friend!!

Josh Tillie USA



About Tanzania Private Select Safaris

Tanzania Private Select Safaris started as a jock in 2003!!
Being in the bush was a hobby since childhood.
Friends and family would came from abroad:

From Canada, USA, Europe, India, Australia etc. etc.…..
It was my job to join them and arrange the safari for them, this went on for a very long time, then I started as a freelance Safari guide. While I was a freelance safari guide I did meet travel agents in the Serengeti at the Campsite and at the lodges, they watched me how I took care of the clients in the lodges and camps. This was the start!!

I would get to the reception desk at the Lodge and get an envelope, saying can we meet for dinner I am a travel agent from so and so country, I like the way you handle your clients and the receptionist has informed me you are a regular at this lodge. This was a start!!

As a safari guide we have a say “Today its him, tomorrow it’s going to be me” With this saying  we driver guide help each other  in the bush with spares , even tires and tow rope. Eventually what we have given out will get back to us in camp or at the lodge. Doing this I even met more travel agents.

All I did was hand over my business card and telephone number that was all. I then bought at fax machine (Fax come telephone) I would get at least 6 to 8 Faxes a week!!

In those days, I did not even have a company registered then!

Aafeez can you do a costing of this safari and get back to me ASAP!!

This went on and on!!



Our brands are:

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These are products and brands that are under Tanzania Private Select Safaris banner


[vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]I remember I was asked once to you have an Email contact? I asked the person what is an Email? Being so naive!! Did not know how to use a computer then!!

This is the new trend!!  You will need to but a computer that works with phone line. So bought one, trained myself how to use a computer, and never went to a college to learn all was self-thought.

With Inquiries getting more and more!! It was time to register a company, a safari company!!

This happened in 2003 November

We registered Tanzanian Private Select Safaris, you will laugh at me!!

I did not even have a logo plan in my head.

This is how Tanzania Private Select Safaris Started. It started with a few safaris as camping was my thing to so many safaris, so I started to train handpicked guides, most of them I knew personally and I seat and over look at the safaris

Who are you dealing with when you send in an inquiry?

When you as a client or an agent send in an inquiry the boss himself will read your mail then send you his 1st mail.

Saying Thank you for your mail received I will get back to you ASAP!!

I will get back to you within the next 24 hrs.

With a dummy plan, from this plan it will be rectified to a perfect safari plan is set!![/vc_column_text]

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Aafeez Jivraj

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Aafeez Jivraj has been a safari operator and guide for many years and he still accompanies.

Specialized groups in addition to managing his company.

Tanzania Private Select Safaris, from its base in Arusha, Tanzania.

Aafeez has accumulated over 25 years of African bush experience in Tanzania, his homeland. Camping is his passion and he is more at home under canvas than in his house. Like every real bushman he loves the great outdoors, but his interests and commitment extend much further, including extensive anti-poaching and conservation coverage through ‘Tanzania for Wildlife,’ on Facebook, as well as several other medias. His portfolio in bush experience is extensive, including broad knowledge in flora and fauna, bush tracking and survival in the wilderness.

From his love of the African bush and the survival of this natural heritage emerges an enthusiasm and devotion that is reflected in all his safari products; and the style and choices he makes in designing distinct, stylish and exhilarating itineraries.[/vc_column_text]