[vc_column_text]We understand that travelling to Africa is different from other destinations. It is expected that you will have many questions that will help inform you and ease your mind.

The list of Frequently Asked Questions, below are some of the more common questions that guests normally ask. From a great Safari Packing List to luggage limits, we hope TPSSL will provide you will helpful information to assist in preparation for your trip.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space]

When you book with us, you will have the following Excursions

When you Book Lodge and Custom Made Safaris

We Tanzania Private Select safaris (Groups 2 Join Safaris). You will have the following excursions while on safari with us, in total you will have 12 excursions:

  1. Visit to Meserani Snake Park and Maasai Museum
  2. Walking Safari in Arusha National Park
  3. Walking Safari in Tarangire National Park
  4. Walking Safari in Lake Manyara National Park.
  5. Exotic Fruit Tasting at Mto Wa Mbu
  6. Visiting Oldupai Gorge
  7. Shifting Sand.
  8. Nasera Rock.
  9. Fig Tree ( The Tree where man was born )
  10. Shetani Tree
  11. Maasai Village
  12. Visiting Visitor Centre in Serengeti

The biggest mobile camp that we have set up for was for a Hot Balloon manufacturing company from Spain celebration 25 years of manufacturing Hot Air Balloons in Spain:

  • Total number of clients 70 Pax
  • 12 Pax driver guide
  • 30 Pax crew members

This camp was like setting up a little village. It took logistics to work on and everything went smooth, From setting up the camp, Food, Water. There were no hiccups at all, the safari vent very well.

Here is a diagram of a Private campest up at Central Serengeti
You as a client gets 100% Privacy
You get the best view!!!

Your accommodation tent is about 30 Mts from the Dinning tent
The Dinning tent is about 20 Mts from the Staff and Kitchen area.
Every evening your Camp Manager will hand you a Walky talkie, so that you can be in contact with him and the crew throughout the night. We are deep in the African bush.

The crew will set up the camp, looking at the best view point from the camp

When we set up camps, we will make sure that you get the best view from your tent. The below picture drawing just gives you an idea of many camps that we have set up since 2003.

[vc_single_image image=”2848″ img_size=”full”]


Your tent will be powered by solar. Similar to the picture below.

Out Side your tent at night a hurricane lantern will be placed, that will lit all the way till morning.

You will also have a flash light  that  you will find inside your tent.

We have not gone Hi Tec!!

We at Tanzania Private Select Safaris have gone with the basic needs of Solar lights.

We have modified the system so that it works well with bed switch.

The Shower and the Wc Cubical has its own solar power system as well
we have gone very basic on these solar lights.

[vc_single_image image=”2710″ img_size=”full”]

Yes!! We will provide you will a small cooler box that will have coolants that will keep all your medicines that you carry cool.

Yes, prior to your arrival, with the information that you will give us before your arrival, we will keep a small cooler box that has Ice packs. This will help you keep your medicines cool trough out the safari. As we will be having a car fridge in our safari vehicle that will have extra coolant blocks to assist you trough out the safari

Yes we will have a First aid box in camp and in all our safari vehicles, with basic necessities.

Your Camp Manager / Driver Guide will assess the case then take you to the Lodge Dispensary or Village Dispensary to get the best assistance.

In worst case scenario as all our clients will have flying doctors membership
If it’s a serious case.

Flying Doctors will be called in they will be there ASAP and you will be flown out to Nairobi.

With today’s world technology we have mobile WiFi while you are on safari and while you are in camp. This all depends on the signal of the service provider.

That is why we carry all the dongles for all the service provides as different area has different strength of signal to get WiFi.

Yes we do provide WiFi service in our camps.

Yes you will get Ice and cold drinks while in camp.

Our Safari vehicles carry a car fridge and cooler boxes

So we do assure you that you will get chilled drinks and ice in camp

Rest assure, the ice that you have for your drinks is made from bottled water
the water that you drink is 100% safe.

We get out Bottled water from a very reputable provider.

[vc_column_text]As all our safaris are covered up with flying Drs Service and you have a temporary Flying Doctors membership that last for two weeks.

As you have medical insurance with you.

Flying Doctors will be called in and you will be flown to Nairobi for the best treatment.[/vc_column_text]

Yes we have DC/AC Power inverters in all our safari vehicle that will able you to charge your phones, your Cameras, Your Lap Tops and any other small devices that you carry with you while you are on safari.

Yes we do we have insect replant in our safari vehicles.

Yes at your request we can book a hot air Balloon Safari for you.

Yes we can book Domestic flights for you.

Yes we will have sanitizers and we will provide 3 masks per clients.

Every evening the safari vehicle will be washed and sterilized.

Yes we will provide you with bean bags and camera Tripod Stand for each safari vehicles.

All our safari vehicles have Safari Blankets and Safari Cushions for early morning game drives and to make you comfortable and warm.