Just to give you an idea

We have just summarised  the Nothern Safari Circuit in whole so that it becomes easy for you to do  your planing

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1 Mt Kilimanjaro National Park

Today the main recommended routes to climb Mt are Marangu Route and Machame Route also been given two nicknames known as Coca cola Route and Whiskey Route

These two routes are recommended when you climb the roof of Africa
Thou there are in total 7 routes to reach the summit of this mountain.

2 Arusha National Park

When in Arusha National Park, One Full day is good enough to do short Waking Safari with an Armed Ranger Then Safari around Arusha National Park and then do a Canoe Safari in the afternoon at Momella Lake

3 Trekking Mt Meru

Many use this mountain to acclimatize (to get ready to climb Mt Kilimanjaro) by doing this it will give you at least 95 % chances to make it to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.
When you plan try to plan for 4 days 3 nights climb

4 West Kilimanjaro – Enduimet – also known as Amboseli South

This area is known for its Big Tuskers that crisscross from Kenya’s Amboseli National Park In this area you can do walking Safaris, Mountain Bike Safaris and Night Game drives To enjoy this area, spend at least 2 nights in this area, with your subject of pictures there are good chances that you will get Mt Kilimanjaro on the back ground.

5 Randilen Wildlife Management Area

To make the most of it one needs to spend at least 2 nights 2 Days in this area.

Nights Game drives, Walking Safaris and Game drives can be done in this area.
You will get to see lots of Elephants as in this area as they do move in and out of Tarangire National Park.

6 Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is also known as the Garden of Elephants, its recommended to spend at least two nights in this National Park. That will give you more time to explore and get lucky seeing Wild African Dogs, Python that have coiled up the tree after a large meal.

7 Kondoa Rock Paintings

Kondoa is about 3 hours’ drive from Tarangire National Park. It’s a place worth to visit to See rock paintings. It’s a place worth to visit, that is if you are interested in vintage art
Its is said the rock paintings are over 4500 years old.
Sone paintings are also found in Singida.

8 Mto Wa Mbu

A village with lot of Culture and activities, this village has over 110 tribes that have different cultures. From traditional Ironmongers, Wood Carvers, Farmers and more.
here when doing Culture Tourism, you will gate to taste different types of African food as well. Do a Mountain Bike ride along the shores of Lake Manyara and visit the water falls in the area
If you are a meat eater then visit Meat Eaters Dan at Mto Wa Mbu and the Savanna Bar here you will get Ice cold drinks

9 Lake Manyara National Park

One needs one full day to explore this area, at Lake Manyara you will get lucky to see Lions on trees, lots of water birds and Elephants.
The Park runs alongside with the Great Rift Valley wall.
Its recommended to do Canopy walk and Night Game drive in this national park

10 Lake Eyasi

You need to spend at least 2 nights 2 days in this area so that you can participate with the local tribes that Hadazaa (the last few remaining of this tribe) they are Hunters and gatherers they resemble the bushman of the Namib Desert.
Visit the Traditional Black Smith and Datoga Tribesman

11 The Elephants Caves Ngorongoro Forest Area

Visiting this place, you get so close to Elephants, they come to this cave to get salt

12 Ngorongoro Crater

The 8th Natural wonder of the world, to enjoy this wonder of the world you just need

one full day to explore it.
Here you will get lucky to see the Big 5 in One day

13 -14 Olmoti Crater & Empakai Crater

Two Sister craters of Ngorongoro Crater

Empakai Crater this is the sister crater to Ngorongoro Crater Vising this area you will need full day; here you will be accompanied by an armed ranger.

You will get fantastic view of Empakai Crater and Mt Oldonyo Lengai once in this area

15 Lake Natron Basin

Lake Natron is a semi-arid area that is full of surprises, a place one should visit
Its starts with the Red Soda Crust in the North that is how the lake is known as the Red Lake. The Maasai harvest the salt and its used also by their Cattle.
Lake Natron is also breeding ground for Grater and Laser Flamingos.
Lake Natron has lots of Sunken Craters and Meteorite Craters.
There is a Natural Jacuzzi along the Ngarasero River, it’s safe to swim at this natural Jacuzzi. Along the lake shore you can get lucky to find mummified birds and drift wood

16 Mt Oldonyo Lengai (Mountain of the Maasai Gods)

Mt Oldonyo Lengai is an active live Volcano that has the coldest Volcano that is at about 600 Centigrade, its brittle as it has lots of Mica.
One can climb this mountain, once on the top you will get fantastic view of Lake Natron, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and Mossanic Mountains

17 Shimo La Mungu (Meteorite Crater)

Lake Natron Has many sunken Craters and Meteorite craters, this one is one of the biggest in the area

18 Olkareen Gorge and Sanjan Gorge

These are two Gorges that are nesting ground for the Griffons Vultures.
The best time to visit these gorges is from December all the way to March that is time the vultures are nesting here

19 -20 Nasera Rock – The Fig Tree (The Tree where man was born)

Not far away from Oldupai gorge and shifting sand approx. 30 Kms you will come to this mono rock called Nasera Rock. Not far away from Nasera Rock approx. from Nasera Rock there is huge fig tree. Parking under this tree makes that safari vehicle like a match box car It’s a tree of its own kind that has grown in middle of nowhere

21 Agata Kiti Plains – Angata Sale Plains

During the months of Late December all the way to Late February part if the great herds are found in this area

22 -23 Oldupai Gorge – Shifting Sands

This is a fossil site that has earn a world recognition. It’s recommended to visit this museum. Once you have done that drive through the gorge, it will give you a feeling of its own kind.
Sifting sand is a dune that keeps on moving approximate 19 meters every year

24 Shetani Tree

There is another huge tree on the way to Ndutu Woodlands, it’s another huge tree that is found in the area and it’s recommended for those interested in Botanic.
You will love to see this tree

25 Ndutu Woodlands

From December all the way to March this area becomes the climax of the Great Migration. This is also the time you will get to see the wildebeest crossing the two lakes in this area.
You will also get to see Wildebeests that are stuck in the mud in this area

26 Twin Peaks Area (Mlima Matiti)

During the Months of January all the way to February the part of the great herds in this area. This area is boggy when it has rained heavy.

An area worth to visit. With luck you will get to see the African Wild dogs in the area

27 Lake Eyasi View Point

It’s a bit of the safari track but this area has a fantastic view overlooking in to Lake Eyasi. A place worth to visit

28 Magara Escarpment View Point

To get to this view point one has to drive up Magara Escarpment, this escarpment has over 120 plus corners, the view is phenomenal. The view one of its kind

29 Lake Manyara View Point

From this view point on a very clear day, you can see all the way to Tarangire National Park

30 Central Serengeti

From June all the way to October Central Serengeti becomes the area that you will get to see lots of big cats as the Great Migrations is up north in Maasai Mara
You will get lucky to see kills by Lions, Leopards and Cheetah in Central Serengeti.
This is also the time when pride of Lions will hunt the Dhagga Boy

(The Cape Buffalo).

31 Calving Season Area – Serengeti South Great Migration

The best time to see wildebeest giving birth is from mid-February to end of March. This is the time about 8000 calves are born per day for the next 6 weeks

It’s recommended to spend at least 4 days in this area.
(It has been reported wildebeests start giving birth starting from December onwards) Seeing is believing!!

A calf is born within 15 minutes of it being born its standing, 30 minutes its running with its mother. This is nature at its best
This is also the area where you will get to see the Great Migration

32 The Great Herds

From January all the way to May you will find large numbers of Zebra and Wildebeests in this area. You will get to see lots of cats as well, an area full of action

33 The Black Tide Area

From late May all the way to Early July, The Great Herds are in this area before they start there move by Crossing the Kirawira River to proceed to Masai Mara, this is the 1st River they cross. One can see lots of Crocodile kills at this part of the river as they are very hungry and have not feed for almost 1 whole year

34 Lamadi Cultural Tourism Area / Shores Of Lake Victoria

You will have to exit Serengeti National Park from Ndabaka Gate and proceed to the Village of Lamadi, here you will have a day full of excursions, from visiting at Traditional Healer, Fisherman’s Village, take a Dug-out Canoe Ride on Lake Victoria

35 Musoma Township / Lukuba Island

One has to take a boat ride from Musoma township to get to Lukuba Island Lodge
It take about 45min boat ride to get to this little island that has a sandy beach. A perfect get away for a day or two at this lovely Island in Lake Victoria

36 Masai Mara Game Reserve

Masai Mara is part of Serengeti Geographically, but it in Kenya. One can start a safari in Kenya by visiting Masai Mara Game Reserve for at least 3 full days and then cross into Tanzania from Isibanya and enter Serengeti National Park. We have called this two-country safari (Cross Border Safari)
The best time to do this safari is from Mid-July all the way to Mid-October

37 Serengeti North – Mara River Crossing

This is the area where you get to see the Wildebeest crisscrossing the Mara River
To see this great Natures epic that nature offers. One has to spend at least 4 good days in the area. With luck you will get to see the crossing.
Along the Mara River in Serengeti Section there are 14 crossing points, the stretch is about 35 Kms long

38 Serengeti Poachers Hide

Just like in Tarangire National Park, close to Migration Camp there is another tree that was used by poacher. Its worth visiting this tree as well

39 Retima Hippo Pool

This is one area that you will not miss visiting while you are in Serengeti National Park, here you will get so close to Hippos

40 Serengeti Visitor Center

This one point that you should not miss visiting, it will give you an Idea of Serengeti in full

41 Moru Kopjes Rhino Museum

A small museum at Moru Kopjes that has been dedicated to Michael Grzimek.

A perfect place to have a picnic lunch. the view is phenomenal.

You will also visit the Maasai Rock Paintings and Ngong Rock in this area.
The Museum will also update you on the Rhino in this area.

42 Naabi Hill Wilderness Trail

While your driver guide is doing the formalities at Naabi Hill Gate, there is a small wilderness trail that will take you up Naabi Hill, the view is just fantastic once you are above this hill

43 Meserani Snake Park & Maasai Museum

Here you will get to see over 30 spices of Snakes and Reptiles that are found in East Africa. This centre is also a rescue centre for birds as well, you will get to see some injured birds that have managed to get a home at this Snake Park
At Meserani, there is a Maasai Museum that will give you an Idea about the Maasai Culture

44 Arusha City

A place to do shopping in Arusha
Cultural Heritage (Great Souvenirs & Antics)
Lukumanji Curio Shop (Great Souvenirs and Cut Stones)
AfriCafe Great Coffee Place, Clock Tower Centre point in Africa Cape to Cairo,
German Boma (Old German Fort in Arusha)
Maasai Village A great place to shop for souvenirs, ATM Outlets, Banks, Hospitals Pharmacies and many more ………

Not forgetting the Tanzanite Museum

45 Tengeru Village

A village to visit for Eco Friendly Coffee excursions on working farms, it will give you an idea how coffee is grown and processed by local farmers. A place to visit.

46 Kikuletwa Hot Springs (Chemka Springs)

It a place of its own kind close to Kilimanjaro International Airport, it’s safe to swim at this water springs you will need a full day for this excretion.

47 Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W

Keep this place in your Safari Itinerary, it’s a place that has rescued a few Elephant Calves and have been successful in rising them.

They also help Enduimet Wildlife Management area with treating and de- snaring wildlife who have been trapped in snare wire and injured with human interference
It’s a treated and release project it’s a place worth to visit.
This place needs your support.
This is a Rescue place for wildlife


Above are just few points of interest in the Great Northern Circuit of Tanzania